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Considering an exotic tropical vacation? If your dream vacation includes hot weather, swaying palm trees, the smell of salt air, and the sound of the waves lapping a calm beach, we have some idea for you.

When people think of the tropics, the first places that come to mind are popular tourist destinations, which are usually very expensive. Hotels, food, taxes, vehicle rentals, tours, and even gratuities can add up to astronomical prices, making a tropical vacation more pricey than most people can afford. The key to travel on a budget is to choose a destination less traveled. Central and South American vacations are affordable and offer interesting things to do, friendly people, and delicious cuisines.

Cheap Vacations in Central America

Central American vacation spots like Roatan, Honduras, and Belize have long been favored by divers and adventurers. For decades, they were little known, spectacular spots for diving the magnificent reef, exploring the mysterious rainforests, and visiting the ruins of Mayan civilization.

Belize offers all the elements of the tropical vacation you're looking for - on a budget. It's a short flight and ravel is relatively cheap. It offers the thrill of exotic wildlife, the beauty of vibrant tropical plants, and huge areas of unspoiled nature in all its glory. The reef protecting the area is second only to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. You can see a spectacular array of colorful tropical fish, minus the cold-water terrors of killer whales. If diving isn't your thing, you can book a glass bottom boat tour or a snorkeling trip.

On land, you'll enjoy tasty native cuisine fresh from the sea, meet some interesting indigenous birds and animals, and hear the sounds of the jungle. Take a zipline tour, visit a Mayan ruin, or hire a guide for a day trip into the rain forest. It's cheap travel at its most appealing.

Roatan is a tropical island that sits 30 miles off the coast of Honduras. You can get there from the mainline by boat or local airline. Surrounded by beautiful, white sand beaches and protected by the reef, Roatan has recently become a regular stop for cruise lines. Make your Roatan vacation cheap by choosing a location off the beaten path. There are plenty of spots that offer the same beauty and amenities without the extra expense that comes with commercialization.

Cheap Vacations in South America

If the tropical heat is not appealing, one of the most delightful beach areas you can visit is the coastal region of Ecuador. Life there is easy, the natives are friendly, respectful, and helpful, and the beaches are clean and calm. The mean temperature is about 74F, and the equatorial sun is always shining.

The beauty of Ecuador is unsurpassed, and between the magnificent Pacific ocean views the deepest jungle tours, and the mountain vistas, you will never be bored. Enjoy seafood pulled straight from the seas, fresh from the farm local produce, and delicious Ecuadoran cuisine. You'll find that everything, from rooming to transportation to fresh lobster (a staple of Ecuadoran cuisine) is inexpensive and easy to find. For an unforgettable and cheap vacation, Ecuador is a great place to visit.

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